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Are you flexible with your hours?  I can only meet you outside of 9 – 5.
Yes.  We routinely service customers on evenings and weekends.  Sundays incur an extra charge.  Please call to make special arrangements.
I am having a tough time deciding which size to get.  Any tips?

Because of the expense associated with our time to drop-off and pick-up a rental container, if you think you are close to having enough waste to fill a container and then some, consider going to the next size up.  You can save money by renting a larger container that holds more waste because you only have one drop-off and pick-up.

With all the regulations these days, where can I put the dumpster on my property?

You can put the dumpster on the street.  However, depending upon where you live, you may need a permit.  Dayton, Ohio does require a permit that runs around $25.  Check with your local area.  You can bypass the need for a permit by putting the dumpster in your driveway.

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